Daryn Tinsley

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Daryn Tinsley by Mind Map: Daryn Tinsley

1. Prenatal

1.1. Conception to birth

1.2. Physical Development

1.2.1. My cells divided at a very fast pace to help create me. The Zygote attaches to the wall of the uterus at this time and after time all the essential organs begin to grow if the baby is healthy. As the baby gets bigger it moves and kicks around. I was very much a kicker.

1.3. Cognitive Development

1.3.1. Now can be a time when psychological disorders might start to take place and part of the babies basic intelligence is formed.

1.4. Social/Personality Development

1.4.1. Although I do not remember any of this stage, personality traits are partially determined genetically. Drugs and alcohol can cause problems with attachment when the child is born. My mother didn't drink or do drugs when she was pregnant so I didn't have to worry about those problems.

2. Infancy and Toddlerhood

2.1. Birth to 3 years

2.2. Physical Development

2.2.1. We grow a lot and very fast in this stage. When i was born on July 12th, 1993 I was 6.3 pounds and 17 inches long. Infants start to use the natural day to day functions. They start moving around by crawling, scooting and eventually walking. I took my first steps when I was roughly 14 months old. I liked to be mobile and was very independent. I had great vision when I was an infant. By 6 months 20/20 vision for a healthy normal baby is apparent. I used to help my grandma find things it would have taken her minutes and it took me a couple seconds.

2.3. Cognitive Development

2.3.1. This stage is when children start talking. My first word was my grandpas name which was C.O. I was with my grandparents when it happened, I was 4 months old. We start to understand more because our information and processing speed increases.

2.4. Social/Personality Development

2.4.1. I got really close with my mom during this stage. My dad was around, but he worked a lot. Attachment is starts to become visible now. I had a lot of personality and was a little bit of a princess I did start to feel empathy for people and things. At this time to figure out what the child is thinking or wants, they use their facial expressions and movements to express what they want. I would for the longest time just point at something with an angry face until I got it. I wasn't much of a crier, but I was a screamer.

3. Preschool Years

3.1. 3 to 6 years

3.2. Physical Development

3.2.1. Preschool years you are still growing at a very fast rate. Your body becomes more muscular and less round. Your fine and gross motor skills are finally coming into place. I would always think I could out run my teenage babysitters at the time, and more often than not they would let me win. Trying to correctly use silverware was hard. Holding it correctly and using them the right was was always a pain but easier after time.

3.3. Cognitive Development

3.3.1. Starting to say sentences and understand language is what happens during this stage. I remember learning this pretty fast. Grammar was always hard for me; trying to figure out the correct way to say things.

3.4. Social/Personality Development

3.4.1. I remember trying to play with my first friend. It wasn't a great start, but we ended up working out and not caring and just playing with the toys around us. I remember asking my mom why one of the girls in my class had different color skin than I did. Gender and racial identities begin at this stage because they are now more in contact with it.

4. Middle Childhood

4.1. 6 to 12 years

4.2. Physical Development

4.2.1. I remember being very active and playing many sports. I played Basketball, Soccer, Horseback riding, and softball. I was this active because muscles are finally developed more and baby fat is lost. Gross and fine motor skills are still continuing to improve.

4.3. Cognitive Development

4.4. Social/Personality Development

4.4.1. Children start to have sense of self and that they are not like every other kid that they around. Girls mostly interact with girls and boys with boys. I remember when boys were gross and had cooties. Us girls would always play on the swings as the boys would be playing kickball or playing some more hands on rough sport.

5. Adolescence

5.1. 12 to 20 years

5.2. Physical Development

5.2.1. In this stage of life I was starting to go through my growth spurt. Since I did Fourth grade twice, I was taller and going through puberty before everyone else in my grade. Besides growing and stopping growing at 5 foot 3 inches, my breasts became two times larger which was a huge hassle in middle school.I also began my period this time; I had just turned 12 and my womanhood began.

5.3. Cognitive Development

5.4. Social/Personality Development

5.4.1. Self-esteem was a big problem for me in this part of life like most people. In the beginning of this period I had none at all, and because of that I gained a lot of weight which didn't help. The later end of this period I have a lot of self-esteem because I lost all that weight from track and began to feel good about myself. Dating and boys took up much time and that didn't go well with my parents. Arguing with parents it seems to be the main "problem" that came up a lot. Friends seemed to come and go as I found myself and realized what I wanted out of life. In the beginning I always wanted to be in the "in" crowd but as years went by, I found my happy group of friends and couldn't ask for better.

6. Early Adulthood

6.1. 20 to 40 years

6.2. Physical Developpment

6.2.1. Everything seems to peak at this time. Your strength, senses, reaction time etc. Growth is pretty much complete with the brain growing still. Now instead of accidents being the leading cause of death its disease. I've seen many of my friends go through them. Obesity is the biggest threat by far. By avoiding that I always made sure to either go out for a walk everyday or work out at the gym to stay as healthy and fit as I could be.

6.3. Cognitive Development

6.3.1. Problem solving is the best at this stage. Your mind is ready to accept higher asking tasks. This is when I started to get close to my husband, figured out what I wanted to do in life, and how I wanted to be looked at as a person.

6.4. Social/Personality Development

6.4.1. Relationships are important at this time. I found my husband and he helped me get through a lot. There is a lot of stress at the moment with finding a good solid relationship and picking the right job for yourself. I had known for a while what I wanted to do since 7th grade and I'm glad I stuck with it. I love teaching little kindergartners.

7. Late Adulthood

7.1. 65 years to death

7.2. Physical Development

7.2.1. As we get old our skin starts to get wrinkles in it. I don't have very many wrinkles because I took very good care of my skin as I got older. I thought I was short when I was young, but with my age I'm starting to shrink. I am now 5 feet 104 pounds. I have to wear cute pink glasses all the time now because my vision has gotten so bad. I liked to think I was quick on my feet, but now I'm slow and takes me longer to get everything done.

7.3. Cognitive Development

7.3.1. Memory is problem with this stage. As I age I don't remember much. I can remember some stories, but my grand kids constantly remind me that I have told them these multiple times.

7.4. Social/Personality Development

7.4.1. Most elderly people have money problems, My husband and I are very well off. He is a few years older than me and retired at 68. It was rough at first because he had a hard time just relaxing and not doing anything, As time went on we found more daily activities that kept us busy and happy. This is selfish, but I would like to die first. I could't stand losing him.

8. Death, Dying, and Grief

8.1. I died on July 13th 2093 the day after my 100th birthday. I died in a Hospice in San Francisco. They made me feel comfortable with death and accept what was going on. My family was trying to have me pass away at home and have medical expertise come and take care of me. i feel bad for my family because funerals are really expensive. On average they are $7,000, and mine was $7,600.. My husband has been having suicidal thoughts lately and I really hope that he doesn't for the fact of our family. Suicide in older men has been on the rise lately and I hope it doesn't happen.

9. Middle Adulthood

9.1. 40 to 65 years

9.2. Physical Development

9.2.1. Sight and hearing are both starting to decline. Hearing is less noticeable, but when i read now, I have to use cute little reading glasses. Most woman around my age are starting to get Osteoporosis which weakens the bones. I don't have it and quite happy about it. My reactions to things are starting to slow down but the tasks themselves are not a problem at all. I am now going through menopause which now means I can't have any more babies. Estrogen is produced less and the ovaries stop releasing eggs. Menopause is over when you haven't had your period for a year. That is one thing I like about it.

9.3. Cognitive Development

9.4. Social/Personality Development

9.4.1. In middle adulthood most people go through a "mid-life crisis" which is when people realize that life is just about halfway over. Everyone handles it differently How i handled it was I quite my job as a teacher and took up baking and started my own little bakery with my brother. My husband on the other had was very depressed and didn't want to do anything besides sit around and watch ESPN or buy a nice new sports car or cool gadgets. I already knew how important family was, but going through this made me really realize that I need to keep strong ties with them.