Cloud computing

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Cloud computing by Mind Map: Cloud computing

1. What is it?

1.1. Use of capacity or programs through internet

1.2. fysical location can be everywhere

2. Characteristics

2.1. On-demand self service

2.2. Ubiquitous network access

2.3. Location independent resource pooling

2.4. Rapid elasticity

2.5. Pay per use

3. Different kinds?

3.1. Web-based cloud services

3.2. Software as a Service

3.3. Platform as a Service

3.4. Utility cloud services

3.5. Managed services

3.6. Service commerce

4. Valid reasons for a business to use cloud computing?

4.1. It's flexibility

4.2. Unlimited capacity

4.3. Server breakdown?=> files transfer to new server

5. Points of attention or danger related to cloud computing?

5.1. No fysical control

5.2. No connection to internet is no cloud

5.3. 3rd party integration

6. Offered on the European market? Suppliers and key users?

6.1. Microsoft

6.2. Combell

6.3. Telenet

6.4. Softlayer

6.5. Rackspace