Myths and heroes

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Myths and heroes by Mind Map: Myths and heroes

1. The american dream

1.1. Representation of the American dream

1.1.1. Values "Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth." - James Truslow easy word determination cairage (=courage) material wealth equal opportunity everyone can become rich freedom to do what you want, to succeed in your domain

1.1.2. It's The possibility to make your dreams come true, even if it's difficult to archieve The possibilty to succeed, even if you are a "nobody" To have lot of money, a nice family, a nice car, a big house, a dog in a beautiful garden Pic 1 : Young woman (big house, nice car) -> embodies the AD. Young has everything they want/ we can dream of. She is holding a gun/weapon (represents the security) Pic 2 : Perfect people, with perfect love in a perfect life, full of luck and wealth. They seem to be happy. Pic 3 : - farmer picking apples on the three : important crop in a huge orchard with beautiful landscape in the background. - shows abundance and profusion of the American lands and wealth of USA. - beautiful landscapes : with the great Canyon. A other pic :

1.2. Differents faces of AD (avec les chansons)

1.2.1. Everything isn't perfect in the AD : discriminations against immigrants (awful living conditions, they have to stay among themselves, they have less opportunities, less well paid (= bien payé))

1.2.2. USA is a wealthy country, strond industrie, powerful economy, country of freedom, people cab be everything they want

1.2.3. people who believe in the AD are too selfish, behavior led by money without thinking about people around them

1.3. Behind the american dream

1.3.1. the AD says that everyone is equal and has the same right to strive for (se battre pour) his luck (cad equal opportunities). But in reality people won't to be succesful if they to lower classes a kid with rich parents have more chance to succeed because he has a good education (good schools are very expensive)

1.3.2. The AD isn't as popular as in the past today more difficult to have success

1.3.3. problems with guns because no control of guns, much more mass murders than in other countries

1.3.4. economi crisis : people lose their job can't to pay the banks (lose house, cars ...) news report : living tunnels

2. Superheroes