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Edward Malone by Mind Map: Edward Malone

1. Compassionate/ tenderhearted

1.1. Saved people during the Wigan coal explosion

1.2. Took the initiative to shoot at the ape-humans to free Professor Challenger and Professor Sumerlee from getting captured by the ape-humans

1.2.1. "Yet the blood lust was on me now." Pg. 116 New node

2. Humble

2.1. Does not boast of his abilities / achievements

2.1.1. “A reserve, perhaps.” Pg. 47 When Lord Roxton asked him about being in the National Rugby Team

2.1.2. "There was nothing worth bucking about." Pg. 16 When Gladys found out that Malone helped save people in the Wigan Coal Explosion

3. Motivation

3.1. Decides to go for adventure to impress Gladys and to win her heart

4. Athletic

4.1. Plays for the National Rugby team, and just scored a try for the team

4.1.1. New node New node

5. Likable/ Charismatic

5.1. “You seem to have a sort of genius for establishing relations with people...” Pg. 18

5.1.1. Described by McArdle, the news editor

6. Inspired by Edmund Morel

6.1. During WWI, he helped form the pacifist movement, the Democratic union control

7. Not Courageous but...

7.1. His fear of being labeled as a coward compels him to act courageously

7.1.1. "I don't think that I am a particularly brave man. I have an Irish imagination which makes the unknown and the untried more terrible than they are. On the other hand, I was brought up with a horror of cowardice and a terror of such a stigma." Pg. 47 New node

7.1.2. "I dare say that I could throw myself over a precipice...if my courage to do it were questioned, and yet it would surely be pride and fear, rather than courage, which would be my inspiration." Pg. 47

8. On Professor Summerlee and Professor Challenger...

8.1. "Brain, character, soul--only as one sees more of life does one understand how distinct is each." Pg. 57-8

8.1.1. Malone describes Challenger's and Summerlee's childlike qualities in that the former is "cantakerous", and the latter is "formidable and overbearing." Pg. 57

9. New node