Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

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Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace by Mind Map: Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

1. Harassment Mislabeled

1.1. Is it really Harassment or

1.1.1. Racism

1.1.2. Sexual Harassment

1.1.3. Discrimination

2. Bully

2.1. The characteristics

2.2. History

2.3. Etiology

3. What is bullying and harassment?

3.1. seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

3.2. Is there a difference between harassment and bullying and being overbearing?

3.3. Who determines if it is really bullying?

4. Reporting Procedures

4.1. What is the process taken by the victim ?

4.2. Who is the point of contact for conflict resolution?

4.3. What is the time frame for resolution?

5. Victim

5.1. Characteristics

5.2. Entiology

5.3. Form of Accusation

6. Direct or Indirect form

6.1. Direct Bullying like name calling and psychological intimidation

6.2. Indirect Bullying like Enforcing social isolation and teasing

7. Time and Place

7.1. Where necessarily does it take place

7.2. Does it happen only duing the working hours and for how long has it taken ?

8. Organizational Policies Review