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Buchdeals GmbH by Mind Map: Buchdeals GmbH

1. Bahnhofstr. 1-3 33102 Paderborn North Rhine-Westphalia 33102 Germany 05251 5449 284 [email protected] Buchdeals.de is a service to provide readers the chance to discover new eBook offers on their own. Everyday, users receive meticulously picked deals and also complimentary deals from companion authors as well as authors. Buchdeals collaborate with the largest sales systems such as Amazon, Thalia as well as Apple Books. The company was founded in 2016 as well as is headquartered in Paderborn. For authors, authors and also publication marketing experts, Buchdeals is the ideal tool to discover new fans as well as loyal readers and to sell more publications. On our web page for book deals partners you can find even more info concerning working with book offers and all promos. We likewise have an author blog site in which we release exclusive marketing suggestions for book publications and special content.