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Highlights by Mind Map: Highlights

1. Advanced Card Fraud Detection

1.1. Focus on False Positives

1.2. Limited FEAT Protections

1.3. Challenging Data Governance and Security in Distributed Systems

1.4. Unclear Service Recovery and Customer Care Plans

2. Intelligent Customer Onboarding

2.1. How are the bots attended?

2.2. How are exceptions handled?

2.3. What does service recovery look like?

2.4. How is security ensured?

3. Intelligent Anti Money Laundering

3.1. False Positives vs. False Negatives

3.2. FEAT

3.3. Regulator Satisfaction

3.4. Back Testing and Review

4. Letters of Credit on the Blockchain

4.1. Stability

4.2. Suitability

4.3. Upstream/Downstream

5. Conversational Banking

5.1. How is the user experience monitored?

5.2. What are the scope and bounds of the conversation (FEAT)?

5.3. How is security ensured?