Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

1. Need to invest in new domestic tourism routes, focusing on exploiting community ecotourism, tourism associated with environmental protection.

2. step 1:big problem behind the covid

2.1. •The activity sector

2.1.1. The tourism economy has been heavily hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and measures introduced to contain its spread.

2.1.2. Depending on the duration of the crisis, revised scenarios indicate

2.1.3. Flight bans, travel restrictions and tourist apprehension

2.1.4. The number of international visitors decreased

2.1.5. Accommodation establishments must close, tourism industry employees are unemployed.

2.1.6. Revenue from the tourism industry declined

2.2. • Company

2.2.1. Vietravel reported a loss of VND41.5 billion ($1.7 million) in the first quarter as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

2.2.2. Its revenues from selling tours fell 47 percent to VND608 billion ($25.9 million) and from charter air tickets by 33 percent to VND155 billion ($6.6 million).

3. step 1:Despite the covid, what are the positive aspects for

3.1. • The sector activity

3.1.1. Focus on developing domestic tourism with slogan " Vietnamese people travel to Vietnam ".

3.1.2. The opportunity for everyone to make great efforts to do a good job of the "Safe Vietnam Tourism" program

3.2. • Company

3.2.1. After Covid-19, domestic tourism prospered.

3.2.2. Rent a plane at a good price

3.2.3. World petroleum is also cheap, helping Vietravel Airlines' future operating costs also decrease

3.2.4. have the opportunity to receive a skilled workforce, from the source of the required cuts by other airlines in Covid-19.

4. step 2: ambition of vietravel

4.1. And in a nutshell, the goals may be over ambitious, but it comes out to be a far-sighted vision and extraordinary posture of Vietravel steadfastly marching forward on the road of development

4.2. Customer is the center

4.3. Professionalism is the measure

5. Vietravel is constantly striving to provide customers with the best quality service, constantly changing and applying new technologies in the operational process. Thanks to that, Vietravel can quickly and promptly respond to customers' needs, anytime, anywhere. All have contributed to making Vietravel the leading travel business in Vietnam today.

5.1. The entire leadership and its staff will continue to work hand in hand, steadfastly marching forward on the road of development

5.2. Further building on the previous achievements

6. step 3:Solutions

6.1. Tourism businesses need to actively rearrange labor, review and minimize costs to maintain operations, give employees a vacation or unpaid leave for a period of time to join hands with businesses.

6.2. Update supportive information from the Government about tax policies, insurance, policies for employees ... on a regular basis to minimize difficulties for businesses and employees at this time

7. why of these idea

7.1. being a high-class tour packaging service provider