Most People Wait Forever for This — Please Stop

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Most People Wait Forever for This — Please Stop by Mind Map: Most People Wait Forever for This — Please Stop

1. Harnessing Your Instincts

1.1. At some point, we all know what we need to do. We just need to do it.

1.2. Sadly, something gets in the way.

2. Excuses

2.1. There is a point where you cannot move forward unless you do what you know you need to do. Don’t miss it.

2.2. Sometimes that moment is so brief — a few seconds. And then gone.

2.3. Most people then invent excuses to justify why we did not do what needed to be done.

2.4. Those excuses can paralyze us, or trap us. Or prevent us from ever getting new opportunities.

2.5. An excuse is just a way to avoid our responsibilities that we believe that everyone else will accept, if we tell them.

2.6. Ditch the excuses.

3. You Already Know What To Do

3.1. Recognize the moment, however brief, when you know you have to do what you need to do, and just do it.

3.2. Do the “next right thing”. Do whatever is “next” and “right”.

3.3. Nothing less important than your next right thing should even be thought about until the next right thing is complete.

4. It’s Not About What Other People Know

4.1. Many people “know” more than everyone else, and still do not move ahead.

4.2. You can’t just put the smartest people in the world in a room and assuredly expect success.

4.3. Focus on what you have learned — not on what everyone else knows. Focus on your instincts.

4.4. At some point, you will know what you need to do. When you know, do it.