Riya Roopra

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Riya Roopra by Mind Map: Riya Roopra


1.1. Post Secondary

1.1.1. For post secondary, I'd probably go to a school somewhere in Canada or England, just because those places are where most of family live. My sister is going to UBC next year and I think I'm hoping to go there too. The three universities I'd apply to for sure are UBC, SFU, and U of A. Ever since finding out that the University of Waterloo made the gauss contests, I always want to go there because of my love of math.

1.1.2. I don't know what I'll actually study at the moment, but it will probably be some type of science just so I can make sure it is good enough for me to get a job in the future. If we were talking about something I'd actually have fun studying, I'd say I would really love to go into theater. I think its really cool, but with that type of stuff, its a hit or miss and I don't think I want to take that chance.

1.1.3. I am really looking forward to the years spent in post secondary. It will be like forgetting that old life and starting fresh. I know, I'm only saying this now and I'm probably going to take it all back at the end of high school but, at the moment, I am really excited. I can't wait to meet new people and maybe even go on exchange and see new places.

1.2. Jobs

1.2.1. When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist, mostly because I wanted to get up close to a shark and orca, but then I found out about the dissections and it was a no for me. I think I'm trying to become a doctor now, so I'm probably going to have to deal with the dissections and stuff.

1.2.2. What I think is one of the coolest jobs is probably a lawyer. Which doesn't mean much because I know nothing of how their jobs work. I just think it'd be cool because debating is one of the highlights of English class. I know that in real life you don't actually get to scream at each other, but a girl can dream.

1.2.3. Finally, we are going to talk about what I think my dream job might be. Its becoming an engineer. More specifically, working for NASA and building a damn rocket. My sister knows I like to build things and one she said that I should work for NASA and be one of those rocket engineers and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind ever since. But, if I don't make it to NASA, I want to at least own an auto-shop.

1.3. Family

1.3.1. I don't want to start a family right away. I'd like to keep the family I have now for a while and make memories with them before starting a new family. I've always wanted to travel the world with my sisters and I plan on doing just that.

1.3.2. When I do start a family, I plan on having a love marriage. I think I either want to get married young or just live together while we're young, but I'm hoping to meet my husband at university. I don't want to have kids too soon because I'd like to make I all the memories I can with him before that time comes.

1.3.3. For kids, as I mentioned before, I don' want to have them too early, but when I do, I want to adopt. I do want to have one or two of my own, of course, but I want to be able to give a child a proper home and family. I don't like the fact that some children don't have families and I want to change that in all the ways I can.

1.4. Lifestyle

1.4.1. In the future, I always want to have enough money. I never want to have to struggle with that. I need a stable life where worrying about how much money we have is never a problem and if my children ask for something from the shops, I'll never have to say no for lack of money. My family has struggled with money before and I hated it, I didn't like having to live in a basement, I'd rather live in a house.

1.4.2. Traveling is something I want to do a lot of in the future. Like every summer we go somewhere new. I didn't travel much when I was younger, we've only started now. I want to take my children everywhere and make as many memories as we can while they're still young.

1.4.3. If, by chance, I do get rich, I want a very big house where each of my children can have they're own room as well as a playroom, like I had when I was younger. I'd also like to start a car and motorcycle collection as well as open up my own auto shop.


2.1. Personality

2.1.1. I was very quiet when at first and only started to come out of my shell in grades 5 and 6

2.1.2. I didn't have many friends because I was too shy to make any but, in grade 5, I met these six amazing people who were some of the best parts of the final two years at elementary school

2.1.3. I'd like to say I was a very kind person. I was raised by my parents to always be polite and respect others. My teachers seemed to like me a lot and I made quite strong relationships with most of them.

2.1.4. Going into grades 6 and 7, I was a lot more out going and easier to make friends with. I'm giving the credit to my five friends on that one. I got in trouble more often and sometimes lost focus in class due to distractions, which I'm not saying is a good thing, just that I felt more free as a person at that point.

2.2. Upbringing

2.2.1. The people in my family right now are my mum, dad, older sister, and two younger sisters.

2.2.2. All my family except for my mum and youngest sister were born in England, so I did go to school there from 3 to 4 years old. The school was called Crown Hills Nursery.

2.2.3. I went to Second Street Community School from Kindergarten to Grade 7

2.2.4. When we first moved to Canada, my mum would work and my dad would take care of us kids. Then my mum got pregnant will my youngest sister, so my dad started working and mum took care of us. Soon after, both my parents went back to work and it was up to my older sister and I to take care of the little ones.

2.3. Goals

2.3.1. I had dreams, when I was really young, to become a super famous pop-star or a ballerina. I realised between grades 1 and 2 that most of those dreams probably weren't going to happen.

2.3.2. Up until grade 5, I was practically failing in school. Grade 5 was the year were my goals changed and I started wanting to do better in school. I wanted to be that person that always had their hand up in class, the one that everyone could go to for help if they were stuck on something. That in when I started bringing home straight A's and my parents were in shock.

2.3.3. My parents had always wanted my siblings and I to become doctors, and during those years in elementary school, I thought it was what I wanted as well.

2.3.4. I had always wanted to be regarded as "smart" since grade 5. I wanted to receive the "Academics Award" which only went out to the top two grade 7 students in a year. My sister had won it and I wanted it two. I really did put a lot of effort into winning it and, in the end, I actually did. So did my younger sister. I guess its a tradition now.

2.4. Interests

2.4.1. Sharks used to be one of my biggest fascinations, if not my biggest. Every time we went to the library I'd pick out a shark book, I'd watch shark horror movies I wasn't supposed to, and every time we were allowed to do a project on a topic of our choice, from kindergarten to grade 5, it'd be sharks.

2.4.2. I hated reading. Absolutely hated it. I was just really bad at it at first. I had to stay after school with a teacher and learn to read properly. But then, my sister started reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid to me and although it wasn't one of my favorite books, it was still the book that introduced me to chapter books. After reading a few of those I read the Percy Jackson series, which is still the best book series of all time, in my opinion. Now I absolutely love reading, especially fantasy.

2.4.3. Back in Kindergarten to probably grade 2 I absolutely loved Barbie. It was our thing. My sisters and I would have our dad download a bunch of Barbie films, then we'd wake up early in the morning and watch them. We were so into Barbie.

2.4.4. I love playing and watching sports as well. I played for my elementary school's volleyball and basketball teams, as well as ran for the Track and Field team, from grades 4 to 7. My family are huge England and Liverpool supporters when it comes to football. Watching the FIFA World Cup and the Premier and Champions League is always the best.


3.1. School

3.1.1. At the moment I attend Cariboo Hill Secondary School and I am about to go into grade 10.

3.1.2. I felt, when entering high school, I became more of an introvert again. I don't know what it was. It might've been the fact that it wasn't just one group of students that I'd share the whole year with, but 8 different classes full of them. Making new friends is not my specialty.

3.1.3. Another thing, that I honestly don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing, is the fact that my original, what I thought was my "perfect," friend group sort of fell apart. Two of the members made a lot of new friends and another two just didn't like the school we went to and decided to transfer. The one good thing that came of of this is it showed my who my proper friends were, or in this case my only friend. I met her in grade 6 and although we didn't like each other at first, she is the one who stood by me all these years and I am happy to still have her as my best friend. We are even doing this course and summer school together and have picked all the same classes for next year, in hope of getting the same schedule!

3.2. Interests

3.2.1. I feel like some of my interests may have changed over the years. Grade 8 was the year the amount of books I read increased dramatically. I mean I was literally reading a new book series every week. And the topics of the books changed too. Instead of fantasy and dystopia, I read more about gangs and cliche high school romances. Towards the end of the year I thought, "What the heck am I reading?" I just had a moment of realization that the books I had been reading were putting fake expectations in my head about what life should be like and it was making me sad that life wasn't turning out that way. At that point I just stopped reading that type of stuff and went back to fantasy and dystopia. I read the Legend Trilogy, which reminded me more of The Hunger Games and Divergent, but then I discovered The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices and it was all over. Percy Jackson is still the best though.

3.2.2. During grade 9 I had finished all of the Shadowhunter books that were out and my reading sort of stopped there because I could't find anything that interested me enough. That is when my interests switched from book to TV. My older sister and | created a film list that contains some of the 'greatest films of all time," such as Fight Club, or Inception, or Good Will Hunting. The latter being my absolute favorite! I don't think I read over three completed books this year, other than the ones for assignments.

3.2.3. The elective I chose in grade 8 was drama. Not particularly because I was interested in that, but because it was the better option. When picking my electives for grade 9 I was actually quite confused. I honestly really liked drama and was thinking of taking it again but it turned out no one I knew was going to take it again because they found it boring and when really thinking about that I wasn't as convinced that drama was for me as I was before. What I was really into was woodwork or metalwork. I had managed to convinced quite a few friends to take it with me but they all bailed out when they found out about the Home EC class. They tried to convince me to take that as my second elective but I chose a business course instead thinking it could help me in the future. In the end only nine boys, one girl, and myself ended up taking woodwork, and the one girl dropped out after seeing the lack of girls in the class. I stayed though. In my mind this was a very defining moment for me because no matter how many people told me to drop out because I was the only girl, I never did. I loved woodwork and I didn't think it mattered that I was the only girl. Like, who cares? I was being independent like I was back in grade 7 and I was happy about that. Plus, I'd known the boys in that class forever! I could have guy friends too!

3.3. Personality

3.3.1. I'd like to say, although I've improved, I'm still very shy and awkward, especially when talking to my teachers. I just don't know how to make conversation with them and now that we're in high school, they actually expect something from us!

3.3.2. I think this was the year where I really stopped caring about what others thought of me. I had stopped trying too hard on what I was going to where to school, instead just grabbing some clothes without even ironing them and wearing them to school. I also stopped flat-ironing my hair everyday and just left it wavy, which is something i had not done since grade 5. I started ignoring people who judged my looks and just went on about my day. I also participated in class more by putting up my hand for once. I usually never used to put up my hand, unless I was absolutely sure about the answer, in fear of getting it wrong. But now, with the phrase, "who cares,"always in my mind, I can literally do anything without fear of being judged or made fun of. I feel last if this is probably my biggest improvement in life so far.

3.3.3. I am very independent now, which is awesome to me. I literally don't need anyone. I used to need at least one person that I knew to be in my class just so I wouldn't have to be alone, but now, I don't need anyone. Before, even for projects I'd hope to be in a group. Now i sit at the back of the room, plug in my headphones, and pray that no one disturbs me as I get my work done. Even my work ethic has gotten higher because of the lack of distractions for me during class. I stopped working with a lot of my friends, and they don't mind, so even when I have people with me in a class I ususally don't sit with them.