It’s Okay to be a Happy Writer. I Promise.

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It’s Okay to be a Happy Writer. I Promise. by Mind Map: It’s Okay to be a Happy Writer. I Promise.

1. Many writers feel like they have to write the stories that hurt them the most.

1.1. You are allowed to be a happy writer. You’re allowed to write about things that make you smile and feel good.

1.2. You’re allowed to decide that there are some things that are too personal to write about or to painful to share

1.3. You aren’t obligated to tear yourself to pieces for your art.

1.4. Is it worth it to make that extra money if you’re miserable?

1.5. Are the topics that you’re trying to write about so difficult that they are making it hard for you to actually show up and write?

1.5.1. Then you’re unlikely to make much money anyway.

1.6. Find a balance between writing those difficult posts and protecting your own emotional core.

2. The problem with ripping yourself to shreds isn’t that there isn’t value in it.

2.1. When someone is able to go that deep, often they’re reaching out and telling their readers that they aren’t alone

2.2. Sometimes they do make a good deal of money.

2.3. Decide if doing that is harmful to you, if it causes you pain or makes you miserable or threatens your mental health

2.4. If yes, it’s okay to step back and either tone it down or write about something entirely different.