Brave new world-audio book by Aldous Huxley.

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Brave new world-audio book by Aldous Huxley. by Mind Map: Brave new world-audio book by Aldous Huxley.

1. Chapter 1. The novel opens in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is giving a group of students a tour of a factory that produces human beings and conditions them for their predestined roles in the World State. He explains to the boys that human beings no longer produce living offspring. Instead, surgically removed ovaries produce ova that are fertilized in artificial receptacles and incubated in specially designed bottles.

2. Chapter 2. In this chapter The Director leads the group of students to the Nurseries.The students observe a Bokanovsky group of eight-month-old babies wearing the Delta caste’s khaki-colored clothes. Those babies are suffering from electric shook to make them have instinctive hatred for something. This chapter was really interesting to me , the new technology was just breathtaking,even if it was like torturing the babies.

3. Chapter 8 .In this chapter John tells Bernard a story which makes Bernard to think they are from different planet. Linda toughed John a bit. Bernard asks Linda and John to come to London with him. John indivuadality which is very compeling to Bernard is also his source of his isoliation and pain. By the end of the chapter Bernard and John recognise that they both feel terribly alone.

4. Chapter 6-7: Lenina wonders if she should go to Mexico with Bernard because he is odd in many ways. He wants to be alone with her , but not to have sex, just to talk. They fight about how Bernard likes reality more. In New Mexico director threatens to send Bernard to Iceland. Later they go to reservation ceremony in which man collapses. Also they meet young man , called John who speaks Shakespearean quotes, and he is happend to be director's son from the women , who he thought has died.

5. Chapters 4-5: introduce us to new characters. Lenina and Henry. Henry is feeling insecured about his size because Delta- Minus attendants has higher sizes.Bernard contemplates his feelings of alienation and becomes irritable. Later Henry and Lenina fly in a helicopter over a crematorium where phosphorous is collected from burning bodies for fertilizer. They drink coffee with soma before heading off to the Westminster Abbey Cabaret. They take another soma dose before they return to Henry’s apartment.

6. Chapter 3 was similar to chapter 2 , because it also was like a torture, hundreds of kids had to play naked. These chapters tells that the main aim of this world is to create a very good and smart working class. Those chapters thoughts were new for me and schoking.

7. Chapter 9. In this chapter Lenina takes a soma holiday and BErnard hatches a plan. Meanwhile, Jhon visits the rest house and thinks that LEnina and Bernard went to London already without him.But he sees Lenina suitcase and breaks into it. He discovers Lenina laying in the bed and reaches his hand to unzip her one piece zip pijamas,but he stops. John idealizes and romantizes LEnina.

8. Chapter 10: This chapter takes us back to Hatchery, where the Director tells Henry that he plans to dismiss Bernard in front of dozens of high-caste workers as a public example.When Bernard arrives, the Director declares Bernard “heretical” because he refuses to behave like an infant and does not immediately seek to gratify his own desires. He tells Bernard that he is being transferred to Iceland. But then Bernard presents Linda and John. Linda accuses the Director of making her have a baby and the room suddenly falls silent. John falls at the Director’s feet and cries, “My father!” The workers break out into peals of hysterical laughter as the Director rushes from the room. The director's negligent behavior fathering a child undercuts his authority to punish Bernarnd.

9. Chapters 11-12: While Linda takes the soma holiday , John the Savage becomes instant society hit, along with Bernard he's invited to tour the facilities that show him the worlds state's culture,he observes the Gema, Delta and Epsilone clones but the sight of the factory full of identical people makes him vomit. John later is told that students only read books which are approved by the World States , no poetry. Later John and Lenina go to a date , but in the end Lenina is confused , because John didin't want to have sex with her. John is disappointed with this New Brave World, and I think I would totally agree with him , especially about the identical people. Later in chapter 12 Bernards popularity evaporate then John refuses to attend another . Lenina is upset about John , but still leaves with other man. Helmholtz proves to be a true friend by joining Bernard and John open conversations evenings, but in the end Bernard gets jealous because Helmholtz and John slip into a comfortable friendship. Friendship and human conetcion are the focus of this chapter. Bernards find a true friend in Helmholtz after he do many stupid things.

10. Chapter 13: This chapters tells us about Lenina. She is still upset about her situation with John, and Henry in the works makes her annoyed even more. Later she goes to John to seduce him , but he explains that he wants to earn her love. Lenina ignores him and undress herself, but John calls her whore ,slapping her . Their romance comes to end because it's replaced by verbal and physical violance. Their different expectations just not match. I am on John side, because it's not good to just throw yourself at some man or woman.

11. Chapter 14: In this chapter John goes to hospital to meet his mother. His mother is dying , he starts to remember his chilhood , but his grief is interupted by a group of identical Delta twins. They sworm around Linda's bed , but John scares everyone out. Later Linda mistakes John for Po'pay he shakes her in agonised fury, but her last words are : ,, Everyone belongs to every.." And she dies witl look of terror that feels to John reaproach. This chapter gives us a giref of mother's death in a place theree are no mothers and no grief of death. To me this sounds just terrific.

12. Chapter 15: After the death of John mother, he leaves and finds himself in the middle of two Bukanowsky groups. He starts to think that he can save everybody , so he tosses the some out of the window. Bernard and Helmholtz saves John from the police.This chapter is the main scene from the novel , because the climax is the moment when John's idealisim finally erupts into disgust disillusionment ant active resistance. This chapter also presents the foreign idea that uncensored literature plus intense emotion can cause social unreast.

13. Chapter 16: John , Bernard and Helmholtz are gathered in controllers office to await the judgment. John addmints to Mustapha his disgust the masses of indetical clones , Monde just explains how each caste fulfils a need that keeps the World State happy and stable. Mustapha Monde explains everything to John why all of this is needed, and it happens , that John starts to realise that people is quite happy with this new world and that they want to get rid of the old one , which makes John to feel even worse.

14. Chapter 18: in the last chapter Bernard and Helmholtz find the sick John coming out of the bathroom. The three men hug each other goodbye realizing that this friendship gave them happiness. After this , the chapter starts to get a bit scary , horrifying. John lives in small house doing prayers , living alone, but people come this his house and stares at him. Later Lenina and Henry arrive and John attacks her .The next morning John realize what he has done, and later he is found hanging from the beans inside the lighthouse. John in the end turned out as the experiment : a religious man living outside the civilization. John became just a entertainment for people and his efforts become just a failure.

15. Chapter 17: In this chapter John and Mustapha Modne are still talking after Bernard and Helmholtz left. Monde unlocks the safe and shows Bible to John and says : ,, God in the safe, Ford on the shelves". He and John debate on the necessity of God. They state their opinios about his , and he chooses to believe in God, he wants freedom , God, poetry, danger and sin. Monde still think that world doesn't need for spiritual life. In the end of the novel there is a clear choice between comfort and freedom.