Data Literacy

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Data Literacy by Mind Map: Data Literacy

1. Starting Points

1.1. "Course Framing and Direction Setting"

1.1.1. Framing Talking Points The Data Boom began 10 years ago... Tasks Introductions, then brainstorm the top five questions you have about data and its application in the tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors... Team Boards

1.1.2. Objectives Ambition ...use data and data analytics to know more about what customers really think of their experiences, utilising tools for better decision-making, and planning the next move in their business strategies...

1.1.3. Approach Three Sections The "Why?" The "What?" The "How?"

2. The "What?"

2.1. "Mapping the Landscape of Use Cases"

2.1.1. Overview Data is used for a common set of purposes across industries... Illustration: Deloitte Illustration: Oliver Wyman ...for ease of understanding, we can break them down into two broad categories which require slightly different ways of thinking about data. Two Mindsets

2.1.2. Journey Based Talking Points Standard Advanced Reading Measuring Customer Experience - Adoreboard Four Ways to Shape Customer Experience Measurement For Impact - McKinsey

2.1.3. Operations Based Talking Points Standard Advanced Reading A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use - Juice The Business Buyer’s Guide to Self-Service Business Intelligence - Chartio

2.1.4. Tasks Reflect on each of your "aspirations" and build up the use case template using the patterns we have covered... Template: Use Case Team Boards Team #1 Team #2 Team #3

3. The "Why?"

3.1. "Making the Case for Data"

3.1.1. Use Cases Talking Points A use case is a story of "ends" and "means"... data analytics, there are two broad storylines... ...if we build them well, they can become a blueprint for our data initiative. Reading Use Cases - Top Big Data Analytics Use Cases - Oracle Tasks We are going to start building our own use cases from the "Outside-In". To begin, we are going to brainstorm a set of strategic aspirations for a business in the tourism, travel, and/or hospitality sector... Team Boards

3.1.2. Business Cases Talking Points It is essential that we make the commercial case for a data initiative - return on investment could take several forms... ...once the return on investment is known, we can safely prioritise our investments in data initiatives. Reading RoI White Paper - Dataiku Achieving Business Impact With Data - McKinsey Tasks Review your strategic strategic aspirations and assign a business case to each... Team Boards

4. The "How?"

4.1. "Making it Happen"

4.1.1. "Selecting a Technology Platform" Platform Choices Talking Points Reading Farming Data Talking Points Reading Tasks

4.1.2. "Ensuring Compliance and Reliability" Governance Talking Points Reading Tasks

4.1.3. "Enabling the Data Driven Enterprise" Leadership of Change Talking Points Reading Tasks

5. Fluency

5.1. "Understanding Key Terms and Concepts"

5.1.1. Language: The Technique Talking Points There are four groups of techniques in data analytics... Reading Predictive Is The Next Step In Analytics Maturity? It’s More Complicated Than That! - SAP The Analytics Maturity Curve - Intel

5.1.2. Language: The Technology Talking Points People from the technology domain will talk about five components of a data platform... Reading Travel & Hospitality Case Studies - AWS Azure Architectures - Microsoft Data Processing Pipeline Patterns - Informatica Data-Pipeline Design and Examples - Iguazio

5.1.3. Language: The Application Talking Points The "design language of data is the "use case"... Reading Data In Travel - Eye for Travel Advanced Analytics In Hospitality: - McKinsey Bringing Predictive Analytics To The Hotel Industry - Eye for Travel Hospitality Analytics - Skift

5.1.4. Tasks Read the example and explain (guess) what is happening using the language of Technique, Technology, and Application... Example: German Rail Technique Hint: Describe, Diagnose, Predict, Prescribe Technology Hint: Source, Sort, Store, Science, Serve Application Hint: Insight + Action (+ Process) Team Boards Team #1 Team #2

6. User Notes

6.1. "Course Tech"

6.1.1. Zoom Presentations and Playbacks in Main Room Team Work in Breakouts Chat Board for Questions and Comments

6.1.2. Mindmeister Source of All Course Materials Public Link Stays Public Options

6.1.3. Jamboards For Team Collaboration Content is Wiped After the Session Options