How to Resist the Bait When Someone Triggers You

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How to Resist the Bait When Someone Triggers You by Mind Map: How to Resist the Bait When Someone Triggers You

1. Introduction

1.1. We need to learn how to resist those who try to provoke us into unwinnable arguments and pointless barb-trading.

1.2. Follow a two-step system called the 1-plus-24 rule.

2. The “1” Angry Unsent Letter

2.1. The simple act of writing what you wish to say will satisfy your urge to unload a tirade of venom.

2.2. Whenever someone says or does something that triggers you, take a deep breath and pull out a pen and piece of paper.

2.3. Write out what you wish you could say or do to get back at your nemesis.

2.4. Once you finish, read it, and rip it up

2.5. You’ll find that the desire to seek revenge, even the score, or show them how stupid they are, diminishes to almost nothing.

3. The “Plus 24”

3.1. Wait for 24 hours to pass before you take action.

3.2. You’ll find that the momentum fades.

3.3. The passage of time dulls your desire. The urgency to respond seems less critical.

3.4. Strong emotions require energy to sustain themselves. If you deprive it of additional fuel, the fire eventually dies.

4. The Best Revenge

4.1. Now that your 1-plus-24 has completed, you can finally respond to whatever triggered you.

4.2. Silence will hurt your enemy the most.

4.3. When someone tries to set you off, they want you to respond. That’s their fuel.

4.4. The pain of being ignored and the shame of being too insignificant even to warrant a response. That’s your best revenge.

4.5. If you must respond, you can now do so with your rational mind crafting the retort.

5. Remember it When it Counts

5.1. Remember to do it amid a heated exchange.

5.2. When your nemesis barks an insult, or a hater spews a lewd comment, say to yourself, “1 plus 24.”

5.3. The next day you’ll respond with class and grace, that is, if you decide it’s even worth responding at all.