5 Things Confident People Don’t Do

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5 Things Confident People Don’t Do by Mind Map: 5 Things Confident People Don’t Do

1. 1. Asking for reassurance.

1.1. Validate that feeling as scary and uncomfortable, but remind yourself that simply being afraid isn’t dangerous

1.2. Show your brain that you can tolerate feeling afraid without resorting to reassurance-seeking

2. 2. Ruminating on past mistakes.

2.1. Give yourself permission to live life going forward instead of keeping yourself a prisoner of the past

2.2. Realize what you’re getting out of it and how it’s not really worth it

3. 3. Expecting too much of themselves.

3.1. Think of standards and expectations as a tool — something you should cultivate and use but not become a slave to

3.2. Practice tolerating and welcoming imperfection, uncertainty, and failure.

4. 4. Worrying about things they can’t control.

4.1. Stop worrying about the life you don’t have and take responsibility for the life you do have.

4.2. Practice acknowledging and accepting how little control you actually have in your life, you’ll find your confidence will grow

5. 5. Making decisions based on how they feel.

5.1. Change your relationship with your emotions. Try to see them as potentially useful messengers but never primary decision makers

5.2. Begin in small ways to consistently follow through on decisions you’ve committed to, each time knowing that you’re building trust in yourself