Unit D: Mechanical Systems

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Unit D: Mechanical Systems by Mind Map: Unit D: Mechanical Systems

1. Cross- Curricular Connections

1.1. Social Studies 8

1.1.1. Unit 2: Origins of a Western Worldview: Renaissance Europe

1.1.2. Unit 3: Worldviews in Conflict: The Spanish and the Aztecs

1.2. Math 8

1.2.1. Numbers

1.2.2. Patterns, Equations and Relationships

2. Previous Science Connections

2.1. Grade 1

2.1.1. Topic C: Building Things

2.2. Grade 2

2.2.1. Topic A: Exploring Liquids

2.2.2. Topic B: Buoyancy and Boats

2.2.3. Topic D: Heat and Cold Temperature

2.3. Grade 3

2.3.1. Topic B: Building with a Variety of Materials

2.3.2. Topic C: Testing Materials and Design

2.4. Grade 4

2.4.1. Topic B: Wheels and Levers

2.4.2. Topic C: Building Devices and Vehicles that Move

2.5. Grade 5

2.5.1. Topic C: Classroom Chemistry

2.6. Grade 6

2.6.1. Topic A: Air and Aerodynamics

2.6.2. Topic B: Flight

2.7. Grade 7

2.7.1. Unit D: Structures and Forces

2.7.2. Unit C: Heat and Temperature

3. Future Science Connections

3.1. Grade 9

3.1.1. Unit B; Matter and Chemical Change

3.1.2. Unit D: Electrical Principles and Technology

3.2. Grade 10

3.2.1. Unit A: Energy and Matter in Chemical Change

3.2.2. Unit B: Energy Flow in Technological Systems

3.3. Physics 20

3.3.1. Unit C: Circular Motion, Work and Energy

3.4. Physics 30

3.4.1. Unit B: Forces and Field

4. Career Options

4.1. Engineer

4.2. Mechanic

4.3. Occupational Therapist

4.4. Historian

4.5. Manufacturing and Production Technologist

4.6. Sheet Metal Worker

4.7. Engineering Technologist

5. GLO's Covered

5.1. Illustrate the development of science and technology by describing, comparing and interpreting mechanical devices that have been improved over time

5.2. Analyze machines by describing the structures and functions of the overall system, the subsystems and the component parts

5.3. Investigate and describe the transmission of force and energy between parts of a mechanical system

5.4. Analyze the social and environmental contexts of science and technology, as they apply to the development of mechanical devices