HR Roles

HR four Roles

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HR Roles by Mind Map: HR Roles

1. Compliance Enforcer

1.1. Knowledge of laws

1.2. Knowledge of regulations

1.3. Create Policies

1.4. Create Procedures

1.5. Handles complaints of harassment

1.6. Handles complaints of discrimination

1.7. Handles complaints of fire/hire

2. Management Advocate

2.1. Part of management staff

2.2. Handles management policies

2.3. Handles how employees are managed

2.4. Interprets and communicates management

2.5. Aids with employee empowerment

2.6. Share information with employees

2.7. Coordinates management roles with HR procedures

3. Employee Advocate

3.1. Most difficult

3.2. High on Communication

3.3. Helps with employee trust

3.4. Helps with credibility

3.5. Represents employees when needed

3.6. Sits in on management and employee meetings when needed

3.7. There for employee concerns

4. Strategic Partner

4.1. Handles strategic decision making process

4.2. Keeps everyone aware of changes

4.3. Offers procedure change

4.4. Aids with management and employee with change

4.5. Aids with strategic change duties

4.6. Provides feedback of change

4.7. Gives skills to handles changes