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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Do a dry run of the program with a/some volunteer student/s

2. Analyze

2.1. Description: Perform an analysis of the learning context

2.2. Identify the language levels, education levels, and professional backgrounds of the students

2.3. Perform a needs analysis to determine the goals for the program

2.4. Identify the physical/virtual location and schedule parameters

2.5. Consider appropriate methodologies and training tools

2.6. Develop objectives using specific language and based upon the information gathered in the "analyze" process

3. Design

3.1. Description: Design the course

3.2. Decide on the "scope and sequence" of the program

3.3. Choose the kind of resources you will use in the program

3.4. Decide how students will be assessed. Aim for the most authentic assessment/s possible

4. Develop

4.1. Description: Develop the course

4.2. Following the determined design, develop the lesson plans and materials to be used in the program

4.3. Check content for any errors

4.4. Thoroughly test to ensure proper operation

5. Implement

5.1. Description: Run the course

5.2. Provide training to the instructor

5.3. Ensure access to students and instructor

5.4. Provide students with pre-program homework (if applicable) or important information on the program (e.g. syllabus) in advance of the official roll out

6. Evaluate

6.1. Description: Evaluate progress and success

6.2. Evaluation is not the 5th step! Formative assessment occurs throughout the development process

6.3. Gather feedback from students at the end of a program (and middle for longer programs)