Cesilio Morataya Operating Systems

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Cesilio Morataya Operating Systems by Mind Map: Cesilio Morataya Operating Systems

1. Sources 2011

1.1. use tinyurl or bit.ly to list your links

1.2. http://tinyurl.com/3bmo86d

1.3. http://amzn.to/qjg75j

1.4. http://tinyurl.com/3ne2xkp

1.5. http://tinyurl.com/89php

1.6. http://tinyurl.com/3pbq7vg

1.7. http://tinyurl.com/3evlrda

1.8. http://tinyurl.com/6fgvo9a

1.9. http://tinyurl.com/65lqvnv

1.10. http://bit.ly/flNMKJ

1.11. http://tinyurl.com/3dc4cpa

1.12. http://tinyurl.com/3kjyne7

2. define: Operating System

2.1. this is the software that communicates with computer hardware on the most basic level.

3. define: Open Source

3.1. describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials

4. Tablet Operating Systems

4.1. iOS5

4.1.1. iPad2 Pros • You can access to hundreds of thousands of applications. It was developed to operate flawlessly with the hardware Cons Apple iOS does not support Adobe Flash videos and games Apple regulates the entire apps which go into its app store.

4.2. Android

4.2.1. Pros All Android models have the ability to accept an SD card, allowing for expanded storage. Android has excellent integration with Google Apps.

4.2.2. Cons Not all models have physical keyboards, which can render typing difficult. There is no automatic sync between the Android and your PC or Mac, meaning you must install a third-party syncing application or manually sync your Android and computer.

4.3. Windows7

4.3.1. Pros Visual features The security features of Windows 7 are less intrusive and stronger.

4.3.2. Cons absence of a Quick Launch Toolbar. the Run menu item is also not available in the Start menu, however, you will be able to run things using Windows-logo-flag-key+R.

4.4. Dual Boot

4.4.1. Pros New node New node

4.4.2. Cons New node New node

4.5. Kindle Fire

4.5.1. Pros Easy programs to use Prices is very affordable

4.5.2. Cons New node New node

5. Netbook Operating Systems

5.1. Chromium

5.1.1. Pros: 1 2

5.1.2. Cons: 1 2

5.2. Windows7

5.2.1. Pros: Pre-installed by default on almost all new desktop PCs. 2

5.2.2. Cons: Estimated desktop usage share 82.47% Vunrable to viruses and

5.3. Linux

5.3.1. Pros: Estimated desktop usage share 2.41% 2

5.3.2. Cons: 1 2

5.3.3. MeeGo

6. My devices and my operating systems

6.1. Droid Eris Phone

6.2. Windowss 7

6.3. Xbox 360

6.4. Playstaion 3

6.5. Nintendo WII

6.6. Playstation Portable

7. Gaming

7.1. Playstation

7.1.1. Pros: 1 WiFi connections 2 Large memory capacity

7.1.2. Cons: 1 Internet security 2 Programing

7.2. XBox

7.2.1. Pros: 1 Pricing 2 Internet security

7.2.2. Cons: 1 Dosen't support Wi Fi connection 2 graphics not as clear

7.3. Wii

7.3.1. Pros: 1 Excellent for kids 2 Excellent controller sensitivity

7.3.2. Cons: 1 Does not play DVD's 2 Durability

8. New node