Using iMovie on an iPad

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Using iMovie on an iPad by Mind Map: Using iMovie on an iPad

1. 1. Starting a Project

1.1. a. Open iMovie

1.2. b. Tap the "+" sign along the bottom of the screen

2. 2. Adding Pictures

2.1. a. Tap the camera button on the horizontal bar in the middle of the screen

2.2. b. Go to cameral roll

2.3. c. Tap on the picture you want to add

3. 3. Adding Videos

3.1. a. Tap the rectangle located to the left of the camera button

3.2. b. Tap on the video you want to add

3.3. c. A yellow border with a blue down arrow in the middle should appear on the video. Tap on the arrow.

4. 4. Adding Text

4.1. a. Tap on a video already inserted

4.2. b. Tap where it says "Title Text Here" in teh top right window

4.3. c. Tap the text and tap done

5. 5. Shortening or Lengthening Picture Time / Video

5.1. a. Tap on the picture / video

5.2. b. Yellow border with lines on the sides should appear. Tap either circle on the top of the lines and drag

6. 6. Split Videos

6.1. a. Drag the video either left or right so that the red vertical is aligned where it's supposed to split

6.2. b. Tap on the inserted video so that it has a yellow border

6.3. c. Swipe down along the red line

7. 7. Recording Video

7.1. a. Tap on the video camera button on the right of the horizontal bar

7.2. b. Record a video and select "Use" in the bottom right hand corner

8. 8. Recording Audio That Plays Over Pictures / Videos

8.1. a. Align red vertical line to where the audio should start

8.2. b. Tap microphone button on the left of the video button

8.3. c. Tap "Record" on the top right window. There will be a countdown to where the red line was.

8.4. d. Record the audio and tap "Accept"

8.5. e. Audio will be inserted and can be moved around by holding down on it and then moving it

9. 9. Adding a Theme

9.1. a. Tap the gear button in the top right hand corner

9.2. b. To view the themes, select "Project Settings"

9.3. c. To select one, highlight it and tap somewhere else to exit the menu. (Theme music can also be turned on here)

10. 10. Adding Music

10.1. a. Tap on the music note button next to the camera and choose a song from your iTunes account

10.2. b. Theme music and sound effects can also be added here

11. 11. Playing the Presentation

11.1. a. Adjust the presentation so that the red vertical line is placed where the playback should start.

11.2. b. Tap on the play button on the horizontal bar under the top right window

12. 12. Exporting the Presentation

12.1. a. Tap on "My Projects" button along the top to return to the home screen

12.2. b. Tap on the button along the bottom with an arrow coming out of a square

12.3. c. Either "Share Movie To" or "Send Project To" and choose where it should be exported to

13. 13. Exporting the Presentation to YouTube

13.1. a. Sign in to your YouTube account once you've taped on the YouTube button from the last step

13.2. b. Fill in the video info and then tap "Share" in the top right corner