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Starbucks by Mind Map: Starbucks

1. Drinks

1.1. Espresso Beverages

1.1.1. Coffee Americano

1.1.2. Coffee mocha

1.1.3. Coffee latte

1.1.4. Cappuccino

1.1.5. Caramel macchiato

1.1.6. Espresso

1.2. Frappuccino Blended Coffee

1.2.1. Caramel Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.2.2. Coffee Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.2.3. Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.2.4. Mocha Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.2.5. Espresso Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.3. Brewed Coffee

1.3.1. Coffee of the Day

1.4. Frappuccino Blended Juice

1.4.1. Mango and Passion Fruit Frappuccino

1.4.2. Raspberry and Fruits of the Forest Frappuccino

1.5. Chocolate Beverage

1.5.1. Signature Chocolate

1.6. Frappuccino Blended Cream

1.6.1. Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.6.2. Vanilla Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.6.3. Matcha Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage

1.7. Tea Favorites

1.7.1. Earl Grey

1.7.2. English Breakfast

1.7.3. Hibiscus

1.7.4. Mint Blend

1.7.5. Mint Citrus

1.7.6. Chamomile

1.7.7. Chai Tea Latte

1.7.8. English Breakfast Tea Latte

1.7.9. Matcha Latte

1.7.10. Hojicha Tea Latte

2. Fresh food

2.1. Bakery

2.1.1. American Blueberry Scone

2.1.2. French Butter Croissant

2.1.3. Cinnamon Danish

2.1.4. Sausage Roll

2.1.5. Mushroom Cheese Pocket

2.1.6. Chicken & Mushroom Pie

2.1.7. Croque Monsieur

2.2. Muffins

2.2.1. Blueberry Muffin

2.3. Cakes & Dessert

2.3.1. Blueberry Cheesecake

2.3.2. Chocolate Marquise

2.3.3. Lemon Tart

2.4. Salads

2.4.1. Summer Fruit Salad

2.5. Yogurt

2.5.1. Muesli with Blueberry Yougurt Cup

3. Merchandise

3.1. The Siren Collection

3.1.1. 12oz Anniversary Crown Double Wall Mug

3.1.2. 12oz Classic Siren Double Wall Mug

3.1.3. 12oz Siren Undersea Double Wall Mug

3.1.4. 16oz Siren Undersea Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.1.5. 16oz Starry Galaxy Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.1.6. 16oz Siren Starry Undersea Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.1.7. 16oz Classic Siren Tumbler

3.1.8. 16oz Anniversary Tumbler with Siren Charm

3.1.9. 16oz Starry Sky Stainless Steel Cold Cup

3.1.10. 20oz Siren Stainless Steel Cold Cup

3.1.11. 16oz Classic Siren Cold Cup

3.1.12. 20oz Classic Siren Water Bottle

3.1.13. 15.2oz Starry Ocean Stainless Steel Water Bottle

3.1.14. Classic Siren Plate

3.1.15. Anniversary Siren Notebook

3.2. Mid-Autumn Bunny Series

3.2.1. 8oz White Bunny Mug

3.2.2. 8oz Shiny Bunny Mug

3.2.3. 12oz Galaxy Walker Mug with Saucer

3.2.4. 12oz Bunny Mug with Coaster

3.2.5. 12oz Bunny Harvest Wheat Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.2.6. 12oz Bunny Water Dome Tumbler

3.2.7. 12oz Dancing Bunny LED Tumbler

3.2.8. 12oz Galaxy Stainless Steel Cold Cup

3.2.9. 16oz Bunny Cold Cup

3.2.10. 15oz Galaxy Water Bottle

3.2.11. Bunny Small Pouch

3.2.12. Bunny Cup Sleeve

3.3. Halloween Kitten Series

3.3.1. 12oz Pumpkin Hat Kitten Mug

3.3.2. 12oz Halloween Kitten Mug

3.3.3. Halloween Kitten & Pumpkin Plate Set

3.4. Starbucks Heritage Series

3.4.1. 12oz Copper Heritage Stainless Steel Double Wall Mug

3.4.2. 12oz White Heritage Stainless Steel Double Wall Mug

3.4.3. 12oz White Cork Base Mug

3.4.4. 12oz “Create Your Own” Double Wall Mug

3.4.5. 16oz Black Classic Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.4.6. 16oz Copper Stainless Steel Cold Cup

3.4.7. 16oz White Heritage Double Wall Cold Cup

3.4.8. 17oz Copper Stainless Steel Body Water Bottle

3.4.9. 17oz Black Classic Strap Water Bottle

3.4.10. Starbucks Hong Kong Leather Coaster Set

3.4.11. 12oz Black Cork Base Mug

3.4.12. 16oz Black Heritage Double Wall Cold Cup

3.5. Vintage Hong Kong Series

3.5.1. 3oz Vintage Hong Kong Traditional Food Mug Set

3.5.2. 3oz Vintage Hong Kong Iconic Transport Mug Set

3.5.3. 12oz Vintage Hong Kong Mug

3.5.4. 16oz Vintage Hong Kong Tumbler

3.6. Core Classic Series

3.6.1. 3oz / 16oz Classic Logo Mug

3.6.2. 3oz / 8oz / 12oz Ritual Mug

3.6.3. 16oz / 20oz Maddie Mug

3.6.4. 12oz Motion Mug

3.6.5. 12oz Classic Double Wall Glass Mug

3.6.6. 12oz Black Double Wall Mug

3.6.7. 12oz / 16oz Stainless Steel Commuter Tumbler

3.6.8. 12oz / 16oz Lucy Black Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.9. 12oz / 16oz Lucy Stamped Siren Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.10. 12oz Lucy Black Wordmark Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.11. 12oz Kizuna Leakproof Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.12. 14oz Matte Black Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.13. 16oz Troy Polish Hammered Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.14. 16oz Create Your Own Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.15. 16oz Quilted White Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.16. 16oz Heritage 1971 Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.17. 16oz Lavender Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.18. 16oz Yellow Chrysanthemum Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.19. 16oz Blue Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.20. 16oz Pink Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.21. 20oz Matte Black Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.22. 10oz Hermosa Travel Press Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.23. 12oz ESPRO Stainless Steel Travel Press

3.6.24. 16oz Silver Classic Stainless Steel Tumbler

3.6.25. 16oz Crosby Badge Tumbler

3.6.26. 9oz S’well + Starbucks Silver Stainless Steel Bottle

3.6.27. 17oz S’well + Starbucks Matte Black Stainless Steel Bottle

3.6.28. 16oz Create Your Own Tumbler

3.6.29. 12oz Looky Typography Tumbler

3.6.30. 16oz Glass Cold Cup

3.6.31. 17oz Classic Water Bottle

3.6.32. 4-cup / 8-cup Bodum Coffee Press

3.6.33. Ceramic Classic Pour Over Cone

3.6.34. 32oz Glass Server

3.6.35. AeroPress

3.6.36. 8-cup Sowden Jakob SoftBrew

3.7. Starbucks Teavana Series

3.7.1. 3.5oz Teavana Two-Tone Tasting Cup

3.7.2. 3.5oz Teavana Double Wall Glass Tasting Cup

3.7.3. 12oz Teavana Two-Tone Mug

3.7.4. 12oz Teavana Double Wall Glass Mug

3.7.5. 32oz Teavana Teapot

3.8. You Are Here & City series

3.8.1. 2oz You Are Here Hong Kong Mug / Ornament

3.8.2. 2oz You Are Here Macau Mug / Ornament

3.8.3. 14oz You Are Here Hong Kong Mug

3.8.4. 14oz You Are Here Macau Mug

3.8.5. 18.5oz You Are Here Hong Kong Glass Water Bottle

3.8.6. 18.5oz You Are Here Macau Glass Water Bottle

3.8.7. 3oz Heat Sensitive Hong Kong Neon City Mug

3.8.8. 3oz Ngong Ping Demi Mug

3.8.9. 3oz Stanley Demi Mug

3.8.10. 3oz The Peak Demi Mug

3.8.11. 3oz Macau & China Demi Mug Set

3.8.12. 12oz Heat Sensitive Hong Kong Neon City Mug

3.8.13. 16oz Hong Kong Mug

3.8.14. 16oz Hong Kong Relief Mug

3.8.15. 16oz Macau Relief Mug

3.8.16. 16oz Macau Mug

3.8.17. 12oz Hong Kong Tumbler

3.8.18. 12oz Macau Tumbler

3.8.19. 16oz Hong Kong Relief Layers Tumbler

4. Cards

4.1. Halloween

5. Wi-fi

5.1. 60min

5.2. 120min

5.3. 24hour

6. Mobile app

6.1. Apple store

6.2. Google pay

7. Coffee master program