07/19 - Curriculum Development and Implementation

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07/19 - Curriculum Development and Implementation by Mind Map: 07/19 - Curriculum Development and Implementation

1. Resources

1.1. Curriculum Construction

1.1.1. Brady

1.2. Curriculum Development and Design (Print)

2. Internship

2.1. Curriculum Development is important when doing a topic on curriculum

3. Class Activity - Curriculum Brainstorming

4. Curriculum

4.1. Curriculum is not the documents we consult

4.1.1. VELS = Syllabus

4.2. History

4.2.1. Goes in 10 years cycles

4.2.2. Curriculum reflects the values of society in the era it was conceived

4.3. Ideal Curriculum

4.3.1. The ideal curriculum is not always what is taught to students

4.4. Metaphors on Curriculum

4.4.1. Running Track Relay Race Government Departments of Education Principals Teachers Students

4.4.2. What is education about?

4.5. Curriculum Questions (Apple, 2004)

4.5.1. Whose knowledge is it that is being considered as part of the curriculum

4.5.2. Who selcted it?

4.5.3. Why is it organised and taught in this way?

4.5.4. To whom is it accessible?

4.5.5. These questions can be used to test the metaphor

5. Curriculum Development Models

5.1. Linear Models

5.1.1. Tyler's Model (1949)

5.1.2. Taba's Model (1962) Step by Step process

5.1.3. Smith & Keating (2003) VET Model

5.2. Cyclical Models

5.2.1. Nicholl's Model (1978)

5.2.2. Curriculum planning Model DET (2007)

5.3. Dynamic/ Interaction Models

5.3.1. Walker's Model (1972)

5.3.2. Print's Model (1993) See Powerpoint Slides Curriculum Presage Make sure all the people who need to be involved in decisions are involved in the decisions Not just people who will get the idea through Who and How