Class Activity - Article Paradigms

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Class Activity - Article Paradigms by Mind Map: Class Activity - Article Paradigms

1. Paradigms

1.1. Mixed Methods is optomistic

1.2. Changing data collection

1.2.1. Moving from primary to secondary data collection

1.3. The paper is moving against a paradigm shift by speaking against mixed methods

2. Theories

2.1. Mixed methods is not the correct method to use

2.2. More research is needed to develop guidelines for mixed method research

3. Methods

3.1. Utilising Mixed Methods

3.1.1. Advantages Enhances validity Greater confidence in results Gives the best of both worlds

3.1.2. Disadvantages Limited practical guidance Secondary data Collection Researchers need to be involved in collection of data ie. Use primary data collection Confidentiality By using secondary data, researchers cannot access personal details of respondants eg. research on public sexual encounters

3.2. Mixed Methods

3.2.1. Begins with survey data and provides insights with qualitative data

3.2.2. Also called 'conditional complimentarity'

4. Trustworthiness

4.1. Mixed Methods increases trustworthiness

4.2. People changing to secondary data which decreases trustworthiness

5. Voice of the Researcher

5.1. Qualitative and quantitative work should not intersect

5.1.1. To protect the human research subjects

5.2. Cynical tone

5.3. Biased towards disliking mixed methods

6. Anything Else?