06/28 - Mandatory Reporting

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06/28 - Mandatory Reporting by Mind Map: 06/28 - Mandatory Reporting

1. Child

1.1. Under 17 years of age

1.2. Over 17's get reported to the police

2. Resources

2.1. Child, Youth and Families (DHS)

2.1.1. Website

2.1.2. Protecting the Safety of Young People

2.1.3. Making a Report

3. Child Protection Services

3.1. Do not simply remove children from families

4. Reporting

4.1. Report immediately

4.1.1. Do not wait until lunch or after school

4.2. Considerations

4.2.1. Part 1: Form a Belief Proof is not required Form a belief on reasonable grounds You are at liberty to wait until you have a belief

4.2.2. Part 2: Reasonable Grounds A child tells a teacher they have been abused A teacher's own observation Other ground that have formed a belief a child is being abused Don't ask direct questions about abuse