Confessions of a High school Disaster

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Confessions of a High school Disaster by Mind Map: Confessions of a High school Disaster

1. The book as an object

1.1. -The book cover is the design of a typical diary

1.2. Signed "Chloe Snow's diary", the main character

1.3. Calligraphy of a teenager girl

1.4. -Parts of the book seem ruined due to the daily use

1.5. -March 7th, 2017

1.6. -The cover is presented simple, create a mysterious way to discovered the story

2. The contents

2.1. Genre: Fiction, Young adult fiction

2.2. Plot

2.2.1. -Life of a 14th years old girl, 9th grader -End of summer new friends are made -Senior love “handsome and cool” -Tristan and Hannah help her with all their advices -Familiar problems with her mom who went to Mexico -Mr and Mrs Snow “cheating” each other

2.2.2. Climax -How high school can change a girls -Different ways for different types of loves -Teenagers problems

2.3. The characters

2.3.1. Main Chloe Snow -Naive girl -Searching for acceptance in high school -Good relationship with her mom Tristan -Gay best friend -Support Chloe in every decisions -Theater lover as Chloe -Kissing list of Chloe before she knew he was gay Hannah Egan -Best friend of Chloe Snow since kindergarten -Catholic girl -She has a senior boyfriend -Always fight with Chloe Veronica Snow -Mother of Chloe -Lives in Mexico -She commits adultery before her husband -Very good relationship with Chloe Mac Brody -Popular senior -Crush and more than a friend for Chloe -He has a girlfriend -He is into Chloe

2.3.2. Secondary Bernadette -Senior leader of theater -Friend with Mac and Sienna -Geek Josh -Senior -Boyfriend of Hannah -Create problems between Chloe and Hannah Sienna -Girlfriend of Mac -Make the hard life to Chloe -The most beautiful girl at school Mr and Mrs Egan -Parents of Hannah -Judgemental -Old fashion

2.4. The story the place in the US on a high school

3. The Author

3.1. The Author: Emma Chastain

3.1.1. Beginning author

3.1.2. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

3.1.3. Emma Chastain is a graduate of Barnard College and the creative writing MFA program at Boston University.

3.1.4. Birth: unknown

3.1.5. First book ever published is "Confessions of a high school Disaster"

3.1.6. Usually she writes Literature for children and teenagers

3.2. Next book: "The year living awkwardly

3.2.1. July 3rd, 2018

4. Meanning

4.1. Author's style

4.1.1. First person point of view

4.1.2. Familiar language (bad words used)

4.1.3. Different types of tones Anxious "I wats't scared! Well, no, I was terrifies all day" Sentimental "I was a mistake. I'm nothing real" "This was the happiest day of my life so far" naive "Mom's gone. Not forever, obviously. For four months at the most."

5. My personal opinion

5.1. -One of the best book I ever read -Interesting due to the fact some parts are so relatable

5.2. Ireally didn't like the end were Mac don't fight for the love of Chloe knowing that they love each other

5.3. I really recommend this book, it could be see as a childish book, but is plenty of drama, fight and much more

6. My work resources

6.1. Mostly from the book

6.2. Google research